The Immunity Opportunity

People today are taking a proactive approach

to their health… in recent years there’s been

a dramatic upswing in the desire to maintain

wellness, instead of reacting to sickness. As a

result, the wellness industry is poised to exceed

$1 trillion in revenue by the end of this decade

(Paul Zane Pilzer, 2006).

4Life® is THE immune system company. Our

research and technology has proven time and

time again that a healthy immune system is the

key to maintaining optimal wellness. Why?

Every day the human body spends lots of

energy dealing with toxins and handling repairs.

Imagine spending the entire day cleaning your

house… after all the sweeping and scouring,

you’d probably be too tired to really enjoy your

squeaky-clean house, right?

So it is with the body. The less time it spends

repairing cells and purging toxins, the more

energy it has for other things… like playing tennis

with your friends, or tag with your three-year old.

To sum it up, a rapid-fire immune system makes

all your other body systems function optimally…

which means you can stay busy living your

optimal life.

It doesn’t take a genius to know a great opportunity

when you see one… but it does take a smart

person like you, a company like 4Life, and an

amazing product like 4Life Transfer Factor® to

capitalize on a great opportunity while changing

lives for the better.

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