Resveratrol Antioxidants Aging Health and Longevity

Examining antioxidants is revealing. Researchers understand that antioxidants bind free radicals that damage molecular structures such as enzymes and structures in cells, which we refer to as oxidative damage. According to Tung, Rodríguez-Bies, Ballesteros-Simarro, et al., (2014), antioxidants like resveratrol work to repair oxidative damage caused by exercise, which allows the maintenance of the body structures and functions such as muscle, strength, circulation, organs, brain, and related cognitive processes (Tung, 2014). Antioxidants and exercise combine to support two independent mechanisms; health, and longevity. Longevity does not appear to be dependent on health in most individuals. The exception would be genetic abnormalities. To clarify this point, common disease states can terminate life but does not determine how long a person could live. These are also referred to as morbidity and mortality. Both longevity and health are malleable. More...

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