Ask Your Doctor for Transfer Factors

Researchers publish thousands of research studies for doctors to review every day. You cannot expect your Doctor to keep up with all of the new information without a very large team of researchers. The massive amount of scholarly studies forces Doctors to specialize in a specific area of study. Usually they specialize in drugs or surgery for specific class of diseases that they find interesting.

This overwhelming task over burdens your Doctor. It makes it necessary for you to bring the research about Transferceuticals to the attention of your Doctor.

1. You will need to explain that transfer factors are small pure molecules extracted from egg yolks and colostrum that educate the immune system and direct its ability to know what to recognize, how to respond, when to reduce the immune system’s activities when the threat is under control, and where to redirect energy to support normal everyday activities. You can give your Doctor a copy of one of the PDF sheets from 4Life that explains the product that offers nutrition support specific to your needs.

2. You will need to tell your Doctor that there are an estimated 40 million spent on over 1500 transfer factor studies found on Medline and Pub Med. Information about 4Life Transfer Factors is found in “Physicians Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements, and Herbs” (PDR, 2008), and in many other well known creditable publications that are accepted by Doctors.

If your Doctors see that you have studied and understand the benefits of transfer factor immune system support, they will most likely let you use it. This is because they know that a dysfunctional immune system is the seat for many diseases.

Improving nutrition is an important part of any good plan for better health or recovery from the stresses of everyday living. Pure transfer factors are a natural nutrient for your body’s immune system and do not interact with drugs. Although there are many benefits from taking a standardized form of transfer factor, there are not enough studies to indicate the safety for use in people who are pregnant, or using drugs to suppress the immune system. Nutrients combined with transfer factor in a formula are subject to coordination with your Doctor’s treatment plan. For example, RioVida combines super-fruits with transfer factor. Some fruit juices neutralize certain drugs when taken together. Your Doctor can solve this problem by having you take your drugs and RioVida at separate times of the day. When people are unable to take medications as directed, it is necessary to have a trained person monitor the five rights for medications and the nutrition supplements.

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