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Congratulations on choosing the BioSignature® Assessment. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with the results of your Personal Profile. 4Life™ Research was founded on the principle that "everyone is unique". Your personal BioSignature® Profile will help you achieve and maintain better health through proper eating habits, essential supplementation, an exercise program tailored for you, and effective stress management.

BioSignature® encompasses four areas that you must address in order to sustain immune strength, achieve balance and feel your best. They are:

Replenish - the foods you need to feel your best and function optimally

Reinforce - vitamins, minerals and other nutrients unique to your needs

Rejuvenate - a movement or exercise plan chosen specifically for you

Reflect - your innate needs, expectations and desires

These principles together help integrate the "whole" human being to a process of wellness. As you find balance, you will have health and wellness.  This assessment is designed to help you better understand yourself so you can make the best decisions about your own well-being. It is a program designed specifically to help you be more sensitive to your individual body's needs. By becoming aware of these needs you will know how to feel your best and be your best most of the time.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this Assessment. Once it has been processed, we hope you will seriously follow the principles that are outlined in your Profile. They could change your life!

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