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Blood pressure is a silent killer. If it is too low, you can black out when you stand up. If it is too high, you can damage your blood vessels, which may lead to a stroke or blocked blood vessels. It is important to keep blood pressure in a normal range. Invest in a blood pressure cuff. It is hard to tell if your blood pressure is too high or low with out testing it.

It takes more than diet and exercise to keep healthy blood pressure levels. In a nut shell, most people benefit by managing two major areas of their life - stress and sleep. Nutrition can play a major role in supporting your body's ability to sleep well and handle stress.

To keep your blood pressure in a normal range you will need to rest and relax, increase antioxidants, increase dietary fiber, balance sodium and potassium, manage stress, manage weight, and exercise. Blood pressure is tied into your fight and flight response. If you are constantly activating your adrenals for fight or flight you can expect to hyper-tense. If your activation is low because of thyroid issues or adrenal exhaustion you may develop hypotension.

Doctors can use drugs to help manipulate blood pressure. However, you still have blood pressure issues if you need drugs to control it. In the end, you need to take responsibility and develop the skills needed to control your blood pressure. Life style changes are needed.

Hypertensive medications have many adverse side effects and are risky for older people. They include hyponatremia (low sodium), hypokalemia (low potassium), depression, confusion, and postural hypotensive effects leading to falls and fractures for older people.

These supplements support healthy blood vessels and are helpful for people with blood pressure but do not treat hypertension or hypotension.

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