Challenge Yourself

Energize Your Business To Get Results

Imagine yourself before and after 90 days of effort!

1. Team

Identify key leaders in your group and show your excitement about sharing the challenge to get them excited. Your sincerity is contagious. Remember your goal is promoting education and understanding, not pitching. If you are going to do it, you need to do it right. Spend time working on skills and education. Take full responsibility and do not blame anyone. Treat everything as a learning experience. Make plans and solve problems. Review and then make the plans better.

2. Goals

Write down simple and identifiable goals you want to achieve in 10, 90, and 365 days. Make sure you teach your group the ability to get a large group of people to consistently do a few simple things over an extended period of time. Do not waste your money on advertising, develop your skills instead. Do not focus on selling, pitching, or trying to get people to sign up. Build relationships. Your primary goal is to educate and develop understanding of your services in your prospects. Be your self but be your best self. Remember your down-line will follow your example, not what you tell them to do. They will fail if you fail. Surround yourself with good people. You are not an expert so use the tools to answer prospects questions. It is not a matter of what works it is a matter of what duplicates.

3. Motivation

Showing passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and belief will motivate your downline. Work on ways to motivate your group to put 100% effort into business building. Be enthusiastic and sincerely complement your prospects when appropriate. We want people to know what we have and how it will benefit their lives. Be confident and maintain a good posture. Don't let your prospect sell you their excuses and false beliefs. Don't apologize, be strong. Tell people you are changing for the better. Tell stories using things you did not like about your background, how networking came to the rescue, and how you feel about your future. Stay busy and do not waste unnecessary time with your prospects. If you do something for them, ask them to do something for you. Make an invitation and double confirm it and schedule the next call. Move on! You need to hurry safely.

4. Touch 100

Start building relationships by contacting 100 new people about 4Life in a week and watch your business soar. Keep adding prospects to your list. Make the list as comprehensive as possible. Don{t hide from the world. Get contact information from everyone you meet. Make sure that you contact all the best people and the other people that the people on your list know. Use the tools to teach don't do the teaching yourself. Let your prospects decide if it is something they want to do. Don't try to immediately recruit your prospects. Offer common-sense solutions to their problems. Invite them to participate in some type of event or meeting to develop trust and a good relationship or offer some sort of tool (brochure, website, or CD) to educate your prospect. Set up a exposure for the purpose of setting up the next exposure. that way your prospect will eventually become educated on the opportunity and make an informed decision.

5. Support

Work with your upline to develop support strategies for your down line, like conference calls and meetings. Tell your story then tell a fresh story.

6. Events

Gather your group together for training and encouragement.

7. Communication

Set a 90 day communication strategy into place with phone calls, email, and tools.

8. Welcome

Call and welcome your new distributors into your 4Life family. Keep them in the loop and well informed. Complement their progress. Speed matters. Don't allow time to demotivate.

9. Follow up

Check in regularly with your distributors. Start training, motivation, and give as much help as possible.

90 Days OF POWER

*Any business endeavor involves risk. Individuals vary greatly in their abilities to succeed as direct sellers. The statements on this card are not intended to guarantee a particular outcome, but rather to show what is possible based on a broad range of 4Life distributors’ historical data. Individual results may vary.

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