Target 4Life Transfer Factors

4Life Transfer Factor formulas are targeting individual needs.

Targeted Transfer Factor with Nutrition For Essential System Support

• Heart and Cardiovascular Health

• Blood Sugar and Glucose Metabolism

• Kidney Bladder and Urinary Systems

• Memory and Brain Health

• Men's Prostate Health
• Women's Breast Health

• Energy for Immunity in Times of Stress

• Recovery, Vitality, and Metabolism

• Vision, Sharpness, and Macular Health

Maintaining These Systems Are Essential For Adequate Performance

The second development in 4Life Transfer Factor discoveries includes the extraction of transfer factors from egg yolks. The discovery of adding transfer factors from egg yolks (E) to transfer factors from colostrum (XF) is proven to increase natural killer cell activities to 283 percent. This gave rise to a wide variety of 4Life products using transfer factor E-XF. One of those lines includes 4Life Targeted Transfer Factor formulas which target system specific nutrients.

4Life Targeted Transfer Factors

Targeted Transfer Factor formulas contain a proprietary blend of scientifically formulated nutrients that complement support directed to the specific risk factors associated with particular structures and functions of the body.

Each system or organ of your body has specific nutrient requirements that are included in the appropriate 4Life Targeted Transfer Factor Formulas. If these nutrient requirements are not met, that system or organ may become dysfunctional, vulnerable to toxins, or a wide variety of foreign invaders.

Supported by Compelling Statistics

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) keeps statistics about health in the United States. These statistics tell us what the most common causes of mortality are. See Chart

The 10 leading causes of death were about the same in 2006 through 2015. The rankings also remained the same, with one exception. In 2007, Alzheimer's was the sixth leading cause of death, and diabetes the seventh; the ranks were reversed in 2006. Age-adjusted death rates for six of the 10 leading causes of death declined from 2006 to 2007 (from a decline of 1.8% for malignant neoplasms to a decline of 8.4% for influenza and pneumonia). Only the rate for chronic lower respiratory issues increased (up by 1.7%). No changes were observed in the rates for Alzheimer's disease; nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis; and septicemia(1). Resent statistics indicate an increase in accidental death associated with medication errors has moved into fourth place. Nutrients on the other hand represent a category which has comparatively many times fewer adverse events according to FDA records.

4Life developed 9 Targeted Transfer Factor products. Targeted Transfer Factor are scientifically formulated to contain the most useful nutrients based in part on safety, mortality, and morbidity statistics. Now we are not saying that these products cure or prevent disease. They only claim to use targeted nutrient support, such as 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF, for structures and functions that are known to improve health and reduce risk factors supporting structure and function claims. Because 4life researched and developed these products, you get the opportunity to take an effective proactive approach to support your health that can make the difference in your life, just like it has for so many others.

1. SOURCE: Xu JQ, Kochanek KD, Tejada-Vera B. Deaths: preliminary data for 2007. Natl Vital Stat Rep 2009;58(01). Hyattsville, MD: US Department of Health and Human Services, CDC; 2009. Available at http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr58/nvsr58_01.pdf.

Alternate Text: The figure above shows age-adjusted death rates for the 10 leading causes of death, based on data from the National Vital Statistics System for the United States during 2006 and 2007.

4Life Transfer Factor<sup>®</sup> KBU&trade; - Kidney, Bladder, Urinary Support
• Offers Targeted Transfer Factor® technology focuses immune system support to the urinary system...
• Includes a special ingredient blend for advanced pH balancing...
• Optimal nutrients for healthy kidney functions...
• Supports healthy bladder tone... More...
Regular price: $48.95
Sale price: $43.95, 12/$483.45
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4Life Transfer Factor<sup>®</sup> ReCall<sup>®</sup> TriFactor<sup>®</sup> Formula
• Nutrition for learning and memory...
• Improves circulation to neurotransmitters...
• Transfer Factor immune system support...
• Antioxidants... More...
Regular price: $48.95
Sale price: $43.95, 12/$483.45
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4Life Transfer Factor<sup>®</sup> Vista&trade; Formula for Eye Health
• Visual acuity and sharpness...
• Helps protect the macula...
• Encourage healthier eye functions...
• Enhance adaptation to varying light conditions... More...
Regular price: $50.95
Sale price: $45.90, 12/$505.25
4Life Transfer Factor® Vista™ Formula for Eye Health 29501LP38
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