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Science is at its Best with 4Life, they have dedicated over a decade to researching and developing innovative Transferceutical products — and their commitment has paid off. Revolutionary 4Life Transfer Factor products don’t simply supplement the body with nutrients; they bring to it knowledge that helps educate your body’s immune system — enhancing its natural ability to know what to do when challenged with health threats.

Further advancing their position as a world leader in Transferceutical Science, 4Life is set apart by an in-house Proprietary Research and Development team, as well as the supporting and expertise of a professional board of medical professionals, immunologists, nutritionists, and researchers, known as the Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB). Each of these scientific leaders has dedicated themselves to continued advancement of Transferceutical Science because of the positive impact they continue to see in people’s lives.

There has never been a product line that can make bold claims like this. Backed by senior medical professionals and developed by leading researchers 4Life Research offers unprecedented products in nutritional science.

Any company can benefit by improving employee health and productivity. Having fewer insurance claims can lower insurance rates. Having fewer employees taking call-offs or vacation days can improve bottom line profits. Having more energy, stamina, and zest for living can lead to better attitudes and more skillful, efficient work output with less stress. Give your employees the competitive edge.

The health of the immune system is the determinant of overall health. Transferceutical Science is the patented factor that makes the difference in that determinant. People who take these supplements are different and it shows in how well they function in life. Now it is your turn to test it for yourself.

We make it fast easy to get your company up and running with on-line information and on-line enrollment. If you want to be more professional, we have power point presentations, DVDs, promotional information, training materials, doctors, and marketing professionals that can come to speak in person with your group. We provide an ongoing education program to keep your employees interested and informed about newly developed nutrition products and how to use nutrients to improve their productivity and quality of life.

Sign up as a company and you can get an additional commission while your employees get our wholesale discount price. There is no inventory for you to keep. Your employees can order on line anytime and have monthly supplies shipped automatically from our inventory of patented, standardized, and clinically tested products that really work.

Diet and exercise alone are not enough to keep employees healthy in today's polluted world. In addition, modern medicine gets paid for providing care without cure. Employees need education about nutrition supplementation to get past misunderstandings and misinformation so they stay healthy. Take a look at some of the things you can accomplish with our nutrition supplementation products. If we could not deliver the most effective potent products, 4Life would not be one of the fastest growing privately held companies (Inc., 500).

• Boost energy and productivity (Energy Go Stix)
• Manage weight (ShapeRite Weight Management)
• Help the cardiovascular system stay healthy with immune system support that educates the immune system against threats and inflammation that produce cholesterol blockages (Transfer Factor Cardio)
• Nourish pancreatic health so blood sugar levels stay normal (Transfer Factor GluCoach)
• Support healthy thyroid functions (Metabolite)
• Maintain super healthy immune system functions (Transfer Factors)
• Improve memory and concentration (Transfer Factor Recall)
• Promote healthy prostate functions (Transfer Factor Male Pro)
• Smooth out the bumps of menopause and hormone swings (FemRite, Bellevie, BioGenestien Ultra)
• Detoxify (Tea 4Life, Super Detox, Fibre System Plus)
• Improve nutrient absorption, digestion, and digestive tract health (Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics)
• Maintain healthy kidney, bladder, and urinary functions and structures (Transfer Factor KBU)
• Rebuild healthy joint functions and range of motion (Flex4Life Capsules & Cream)
• Reduce aches and pains (Antioxidants)
• Reduce inflammation (Antioxidants)
• Get better sleep (SleepRite)
• Relax
• Manage stress
• Build energy reserves and stamina

Here is how it works. We enroll your company as a Distributor Network. Your Employees are then enrolled as Diamond distributors, Leader Distributors, Associates, or Preferred Customers according to the team health commitment level that they choose to pledge. This forms a company wide support network to help employees share information and develop better health.

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