Diamond Transfer Factor Distributor Variety Pack

Diamond Transfer Factor Distributor Variety Pack
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To become a Diamond 4Life distributor you will need to
order your distributor kit here

There are many benefits to participating in network marketing, but how do you decide which company is right for you? Join Nathan Larsen, Vice President of Field Development, as he shares the top characteristics to look for in a company and how 4Life is the right company for you to partner with to achieve success.

Take your business to the max with the Diamond 4Life success kit. Enrolling as a Diamond 4Life is about getting your business up to speed and rewards rolling in. 

When I sponsor and enroll you as a Diamond 4Life, you will receive:

  • Over $200 in Free 4Life products
  • The Compass marketing materials
  • Success magazine
  • This professional attache case
  • A full set of marketing materials
  • Six months of Diamond level payouts
  • Personal my4life website for 90 days
  • 1 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-factor formula
  • 1 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-factor formula
  • 1 4Life RioVida two pack
  • 1 4Life Riovida Burst
  • 1 4Life Transfer Factor Chewable
  • 1 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo
  • 1 4Life Cardio
  • 1 4Life GluCoach
  • 1 4Life ReCall
  • 1 4Life Vista
  • 1 4Life Transfer Factor Enummi Body Lotion
  • 1 4Life Transfer Factor Toothpaste
  • 1 4Life Transfer Factor RenewAll

4Life will send you The Compass which will enable you to chart an undeviating course to success. It's powerful, it's proven, and with it, you'll be able to reach the all-important Diamond rank, surmount the higher 4Life ranks, and enjoy all the rewards that lie ahead. The Compass, is a fantastic learning tool that will help you think through your dreams, set realistic rewards, present a pleasing personality and communication skills, learn the products, keep motivated, attract the right people, and teach the system.

As a Diamond 4Life, you qualify to purchase 4life products at wholesale prices until you reach 100 life points (lp) in a month. Then you qualify for an additional 25% commission check paid weekly on your extra lp. Moreover, you get residual commissions as a diamond from your down-line and numerous rewards according to the Life Rewards Plan.

By featuring the Leader In You training curriculum, you will find that the strength of The Compass lies in its synergy. Maximizing each tool in The Compass dramatically enhances the potency of your business plan… and, most importantly, maximizes your potential to prosper. The Compass is simple to understand and implement, so duplication will be a snap for your down-line.

You're on a quest to be the best. The Compass will lead you to your destination: dream fulfillment!

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