Feed The Children With Kids 4Life Transfer Factors

Feed The Children With Kids 4Life Transfer Factors
We recommend 4Life Transfer Factor to all our small patients and their families. Our "TF kids" continue to show dramatic reductions in illness (70+%) and 79% reduced use of antibiotics. 4Life Transfer Factor has a dramatic positive effect on our kids' immune systems. It is THE immune booster I recommend to all of our patients.

David Markowitz, M.D. Pediatrician 4Life Medical Advisory Board

Children have special needs too. They can be pretty particular and may not eat right. We provide a variety of products that help balance the things that you can't. Rich in nutrition with the single best source of transfer factor immune system support, our products help your children grow and develop properly with distinct advantages in health and intelligence.

We suggest these products for ages 1 month to 18 years. Use good judgment for small children and infants. If in doubt, consult your physician for guidance.

4Life Fortify™ 1 Meal Pack
• Donate 24 high-quality meals of rice, lentils, and beans with 4Life Transfer Factor® and provide a nutritional complex of vitamins and minerals...

• Helps struggling parents provide life essential food for their children...

• Offers satisfying and nutrient-rich meals so children can focus on school and other important aspects of their lives...

• Provides a healthier nutritional complex of vitamins, minerals, and 4Life Transfer Factor®...

• Allows families to devote their minimal resources to other needs, such as education for their children...

Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $29.95, 12/$129.95
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4Life Transfer Factor<sup>®</sup> ReCall<sup>®</sup> TriFactor<sup>®</sup> Formula
• Nutrition for learning and memory...
• Improves circulation to neurotransmitters...
• Transfer Factor immune system support...
• Antioxidants... More...
Regular price: $48.95
Sale price: $43.95, 12/$483.45
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enummi® Daily fluoride-free support for cleaner, brighter smile.
• Gently cleanses without harsh, abrasive agents

• Dissolves food film for a clean, bright smile

• Freshens breath

• Whitens teeth without bleach or harsh abrasives

Regular price: $12.95
Sale price: $8.95, 12/$98.45
enummi® Daily fluoride-free support for cleaner, brighter smile. 28007
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