Leadership, Vol. 1 (softcover) 488 pages

Leadership, Vol. 1 (softcover) 488 pages
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A five volume work of great magnitude on the true meaning of Leadership. The fundamentals of leadership based on the principles of the Ageless Wisdom. The author Torkom Saraydarian was one of the great spiritual leaders of this century. His work will pave the way for the Leadership that is needed in the 21st Century.

"Leadership is vision. Leadership paves the way for freedom. Leadership is not dictatorship. Leadership is the ability to go ahead with one's own evolution and share his achievements with others".

"Leadership belongs to all human endeavors. The real leaders are those who, in their particular field, cultivate the principle of sensitivity and direction toward the Common Good and who, in cooperation with all other fields, respond to the principle of synthesis."

"Whenever you encourage people toward light, love, striving, and perfection, you are a leader." (Torkom Saraydarian)

In this volume you will learn about:

Leadership Essentials

Leadership and Inspiration

Leadership and Religion

Leadership and Faith

How to be a discriminating leader

Leadership, Vol. 1 - Table of Contents

Vision of the Future

Leadership Essentials

Practicality in Leadership

Leadership and Vanity

Leadership and Motive

Leadership and Labor

Labor and Thought in Leadership

Group Consciousness and Group Work

The Discriminative Attitude of the Leader


Leadership and Co-Workers


Leadership and Assistants

Leadership and Inspiration

Choosing Students

Leadership and Decisiveness


Leadership and Obedience

Leadership and Impulse

Leadership and Religion


Leadership and Self-Confidence

Self-Defeat and Self-Victory

Leadership and Failure

Leadership and Faith

Inspiration and Impression

The Art of Lecturing

Book Review

Effective Lecturing

Lecturing with Feeling

Lecturing as an Art

Leadership and Speech

How to Organize Work

Leadership and the Ability to Organize

Festivals, Parties, and Entertainment

Psychic Energy and Willpower




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