Leadership, Vol. 2 (hardcover) 334 pages

Leadership, Vol. 2 (hardcover) 334 pages
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Volume II continues to give detailed advice on true leadership. It addresses issues such as how does one become a leader in today's world and still use the higher principles in daily life. Whether you are the leader of a large corporation or the leader of a small group of people, the principles and guidelines given in these books will be a tremendous help in your daily professional and personal activities.

In this volume you will learn about:

Leadership and God

How the leader can face himself

How the Law of Repulsion operates

World Leadership

Leadership and treason

Leadership, Vol. 2 - Table of Contents

Leadership and God

Leadership and Love

The Leader Faces Himself

Personality and Leadership

Leadership Tests

Leadership and Growth of Personality

Employees and Leader

Checking the Work

Leader to Be


Guidelines for Organizing a Correspondence Course

The Formulations of Law

Leadership and the Law of Repulsion

Leaders and Crystallizations

Leadership and Confusion


World Leadership


Toward Greatness

Leadership and Miracles

Leadership and Renunciation

Practical Suggestions

Leadership and the Mystery of Manifestation

Ever-Moving Forward


Losing Faith

How to Work

Laws of Life

The Three Enemies of the Leader-To-Be

Leadership and Warnings

Writing Letters

Leadership Defined

Leadership and Ideas

Leadership and Motives

A Few Practical Steps for Leaders

Rules for Telephone Conversations

Studying Both Sides

Leadership and Co-Workers

The Center and the Circle


Right Use of Time


Leadership and Treason


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