Leadership, Vol. 4 (hardcover) 424 pages

 Leadership, Vol. 4 (hardcover) 424 pages
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"In all departments of human labor, there is a need for leaders who have vision, initiative, determination, vitality, and enthusiasm. There is a need for leaders who are able to stand against limitation of movement, ignorance, disorderliness, and ugliness. There is a need for leaders who are equipped with knowledge in their field of labor and who are equipped with the wisdom to protect their field of labor and their co-workers. There is a need for leaders who understand core values and principles and stand of them regardless of the common practices to the contrary" (Torkom Saraydarian)

In this volume you will learn about:

Mental circuits

The importance of self-image

Dangers facing the leader

Good and evil

The glamor of power

Leadership, Vol. 4 - Table of Contents

Ceremony of Winding and Unwinding

Characteristics of the Sixth Race

Duties of New Era Leaders

Mental Circuits

Leadership and Concentration

Leadership and Self-Image

Building a Self-Image

Leadership and a New Image

Leadership and Attacks

Immediate Duties of Leaders

The Future

The Best Leader

Basic Rules for the Office

Leadership and Rays

Leadership and Focus

Laws of Life

Purposeless People

Time and Office Relations

Leadership and Records

Five Dangerous Curves

Traps and Meditation

New Era Spiritual Leader

Spiritual Leadership

Good and Evil

The Feeling of Completeness


Group Discussion

Daily Conversations

Balanced Judgment

The Real Teacher

Spiritual Progress

Causes Behind Leadership

Leadership and Links

The Glamor of Power

Responsibilities of Volunteers


Leadership and Grace


Seven Fundamental Qualities of a Leader

After Victory

Helping People

Recognition of Leadership

Co-Workers and Stages of Crises

Leadership in Practical Life


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