Leadership, Vol. 5 (hardcover) 503 pages

Leadership, Vol. 5 (hardcover) 503 pages
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"Leadership gives meaning to life. If you are a leader of yourself, you give meaning to your life. Your life does not pass meaninglessly. What does it mean to have meaning? It means that you are somebody who can offer progress and unfoldment in the process of life. You are not lost in the life."

"Other leaders, besides you, give meaning to life. This means that they hook you to a plan, a purpose, and your life takes on meaning. Without gearing yourself to the Plan of the Hierarchy, to the Purpose of the Planet, you have no meaning. (Torkom Saraydarian)

In this volume you will learn about:

Illusions of power

Laws of Nature and Leadership

Leadership and sex

Humility and leadership

and more...

Leadership, Vol. 5 - Table of Contents

Sixty-five Practical Rules for Great Leadership

Illusions of Power

Jealousy and Leadership

The Recognition of Other Leaders

Leadership and Opposition


Personality Orientation

Emotional People

Workers and Irritation

How to Give Orders

Special Privileges

Service and Self-Interest


Subconscious Influences

Givers and Takers

Motivation in Group Work

Leadership Groups and Their Goals

Leadership and Readiness

Leadership for Freedom

Leadership and Purity

Leadership and Growth

The Law of Leveling

The Law of Expansion and Contraction

The Law that Unites and Sublimates

The Law of the Nucleus

A Law on the Path

The Law and Seven Rays

The Law of Decay

Law of Efforts for Perfection

Transmutation and Its Laws

Leadership and Troublemakers

The Unification of Groups

Leadership and Sex

Esoteric Group Affiliations

Errors and Their Sources

Leadership and Wakefulness

Secrets and Dangers

Leadership and Position

Leadership and Communications

Humility in a Leader

The Role of Great Leaders

Beings and Laws

Do Not Condemn

Your Past Is With You

Light of the Future

Encouraging Others

Four Types of People

Leadership as Influence

Complaining Leaders

Group Disintegration

Leadership and Friendship

Balanced Judgment

Dealing with Hypocrites

Leadership Dedication

The Considerate Leader

Leadership and Worthiness

Opposition and Leadership

Leadership in Group Understanding

Leadership and Dark Ones

The Note

Leadership and the Teaching

Leadership and Higher Guidance

Leadership and Telepathy

Leadership and Self-Denial

Leadership and Higher Will

Leadership in Practical Life

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