Nutrition For Older Adults

Nutrition For Older Adults
Everyone wants to be healthy when they retire. Most people are finding their retirement thwarted by declining health. Medical professionals agree that malnutrition in older adults has exceeded epidemic levels. Older adults tend to purchase and prepare fast foods. These foods are high in salts, sugar, fats, and various other additives. They activate pleasure centers in the brain which create food addictions. These addictive foods are low in critical nutrients that promote adequate health. This is coupled with a lack of knowledge about the changes in the nutritional quality of our food supplies. Making healthy food choices requires extensive knowledge because of the mass production of foods. We are working hard to educate medical professionals regarding the epidemic malnutrition links to disease states in older adults. A common misconception is that you can get all the nutrition you need from food. Nutritional experts agree that it is no longer possible to obtain all of the nutrition you need from food alone. Due to the complexity of malnutrition, associated food addictions, and lack of knowledge, we are recommending that every older adult build a solid nutritional supplement foundation.

LEVEL ONE: Build a solid foundation

The first step in building a sound nutritional foundation for leading a robust life is immune system support. I am recommending at least one 4Life Transfer Factor product.

The second step in building a sound nutritional foundation is quality protein supplement. I am recommending Pro-TF. It contains 4Life Transfer Factors so it meets the requirement for immune system support. In older adults, Pro-TF supports several important objectives. First, each serving stimulates fat burning from visible surface fat stores for up to three hours by up to 103%*. In other words it helps to remove flab and tones the body. Second, Pro-TF stimulates fat burning from unhealthy organ fat for up to three hours by up to 464%*. Third, it reduces hunger cravings for up to three hours by up to 62%*. Fourth, it reduces muscle breakdown) for up to three hours by up to 132%* Muscle breakdown is one of the biggest problems leading to inactivity in older adults. Providing this quality protein every few hours will promote healthy blood glucose levels, metabolism, and your immune system.

The third step is a quality vitamin and mineral supplement. The proper ratio of vitamins and minerals is necessary for every chemical reaction in your body to occur. I recommend RiteStart® Men, RiteStart® Women, Multiplex, and Bountiful Harvest® Plus*

The fourth step is essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids provide vital support for every cell in your body, and especially the heart, brain, skin, hair, teeth, nails, and eyes. I recommend RiteStart® Men, RiteStart® Women, and BioEFA™ with CLA*

The fifth step is adaptogens and adaptogenics. Adaptogens help you recover more efficiently from stress which helps maintain a healthy, balanced state. I recommend 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo®*

The sixth step to a solid foundation is bioflavonoids. Certain bioflavonoids from fruits and vegetables to provide a host of health benefits. I recommend 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula products, Bountiful Harvest® Plus, RiteStart® Men, and RiteStart® Women*

LEVEL TWO: Address your needs

After you’ve built a solid foundation, you may need additional tools to help you live your fullest life. Maybe you need to address a specific systems like vision, heart, sugar, prostate. You can address these needs with 4Life Targeted Transfer Factor® Products. Or maybe you can use help with age and/or gender-specific products. I recommend 4Life Transfer Factor® Belle Vie®, and 4Life Transfer Factor® MalePro®, or Biogenistein Plus.*

The biggest risk factor related to death and disability in older adults depends on the health of your cardiovascular system. I recommend TF Cardio®, Cardio Formula®, BioEFA with CLA®, and Choice 50® to help keep your circulatory system healthy.

LEVEL 3: Address your wants

After you have built your foundation and addressed your needs, you are going to want something extra special. It's the finishing touch on your life that allows your personalized supplement plan to help you become more focused, energetic, effective, fit, and fruitful in your health and long-term goals. The magic is in the details. That gives you the energy and zest for meeting the challenges of everyday living. At this level you don't just feel good, you feel great.

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1 4Life Research, Chris Lockwood, PhD, CSCS, and Auburn University’s Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory in the College of Education, School of Kinesiology, conducted research to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of PRO-TF™, a patent-pending product [FASEB J 2014;28(1):LB440; FASEB J2014;28(1):LB439]. To learn more, visit ageless.my4Life.com.
2 Results, as observed under fasted and controlled conditions, and as occurred directly within the samples.
Actual results may vary.

4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Stix™ Tri-Factor® Formula
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• Provides essential antioxidants from açai, pomegranate, and blueberry*...

• Replenishes electrolytes to support nerve and muscle function*...

• Portable and easy to share...

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