Nursing Homes And Skilled Nursing Facilities Need To Change

When we questioned nursing home about the quality of nutrition, they most frequently answered that it was a matter of cost. They simply claim that they have to use nutrient sparse food because it is too expensive to provide healthy food. Mass produced foods, typically grown in soil that lacks the minerals and other nutrients needed to produce nutrient dense crops. Many plants are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), which contain pesticides and weed killer resistance that is very harmful to older adults who typically have weak immune responses. They ship the produce, process, and warehouse it before delivery. By the time they prepare, process, and placed it in front of a resident at a nursing home, it has typically lost 75 percent of the nutritional value, and contains toxins that cause chronic inflammation in older adults. For the same amount of money spent, nursing homes could provide a smaller amount of fresh organic nutrient dense food that would provide far more nutrition, promote healthy immunity, reduce inflammation, and nearly eliminate chronic disease. Add innovative nutritional science and your beloved family member could maintain health, productivity, avoid devastating medical and maintenance expenses, and so live a high quality meaningful life. Chronic disease is so nutritionally based that innovative nutrition and scientifically based supplementation can virtually eliminate it.

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