Dental Oral Periodontal Nutrition

Dental Oral Periodontal Nutrition
The mouth is truly a battle ground in the fight against destructive invaders. Many diseases begin by entering through the mouth and gradually work their way into the body. Some studies show that invaders that damage the cardiovascular system enter through the mouth. This particular set of supplements contains nutrients that provide powerful support for the structures and functions of periodontal health, dental health, and oral health. The combination of 4Life transfer factor toothpaste, transfer factor advanced, transfer factor immune spray, and cm super calcium magnesium supplement not only strengthen the teeth, but provide the most intelligent form of immune system support, transfer factors. Transfer factors increase your first line of defense, immunoglobulin antibodies (IgA) by about 73 percent, and natural killer cell activity up to 437 percent depending on the formula you choose.

enummi® Daily fluoride-free support for cleaner, brighter smile.
• Gently cleanses without harsh, abrasive agents

• Dissolves food film for a clean, bright smile

• Freshens breath

• Whitens teeth without bleach or harsh abrasives

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Sale price: $8.95, 12/$98.45
enummi® Daily fluoride-free support for cleaner, brighter smile. 28007
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