The Platinum Edge - 6 CD Set

The Platinum Edge - 6 CD Set
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Building a successful business means keeping your skills fine tuned, and constantly improving upon what you are already doing. The Platinum Edge is the perfect audio set for you to learn how to prospect and build your 4Life business. Whether you are in your car, working out, or around the house you can't afford not to have this set. 6 CD Set Includes:

Disc 1—Prospecting Training Success doesn’t happen in a single day, but with prospecting secrets shared by 4Life® Platinum International Diamonds Ray Meurer, Bonnie Taylor, Jeff Altgilbers, and Dave Daughtrey, you’ll be well on your way to making it a reality.

Disc 2—Business Building Training Master programs such as the Power Pool and Rapid Rewards to maximize success within your organization.

Disc 3—4Life Transfer Factor® Training Packed with information from 4Life’s Calvin McCausland, Ph.D., Brent Vaughan, and seasoned business builders, this disc contains information on scientific studies, tips for prospecting with 4Life Transfer Factor, and much more.

Disc 4—From Pennies to Platinum Personal success stories educate, inspire, and motivate. Learn how Ray, Dave, Bonnie, and Jeff changed the course of their futures by building successful businesses with 4Life. Makes a great prospecting tool!

Disc 5—The Perfect Business?, Robert Kiyosaki Discover successful strategies for personal security and financial freedom from renowned author and businessman Robert Kiyosaki. Perfect for prospecting!

Disc 6—Building Your Network Marketing Business, Jim Rohn This disc is loaded with fantastic business-building advice from one of America’s foremost business philosophers, Jim Rohn.

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