Proteolytic Enzymes

First let me clarify that proteolytic enzymes and digestive enzymes do not serve the same purposes. Digestive enzymes are just what the name implies. They help to break down food (digest) and assist in absorption of nutrients. Many of the proteolytic enzymes are also digestive enzymes (protease, papain, bromelain, etc.) when consumed with foods. In order to prevent proteolytic enzymes from digesting food, they must be taken on an empty stomach and be allowed to absorbed before consuming food.

The key function that I am addressing in this article is the break down of fibrin. Fibrin is protein that forms matrix frameworks. They are found in most every part of the body. Fibrin forms a significant matrix for normal blood clotting, arterial plaques, scar tissue, tumors, and gradually builds up in muscles which creates muscle stiffness and limits range of motion. Our bodies naturally assemble fibrin wherever a matrix is needed to provide strength or structure. Platelets attach to it to form blood clots. Cholesterol forms around it to protect the lining of blood vessels which eventually block arteries. Fibrin is the basis of scar tissue. Cancer cells surround themselves with fibrin to form tumors. Fibrin is a essential part of scar tissue that forms in muscles when there is a shortage of protein and antioxidants to facilitate muscle repair after exercise.

Our bodies use intelligent biological messengers to send proteolytic enzymes to breakdown matrices of fibrin when adequate repair mechanisms are put in place. This means that the area has to develop blood vessels to supply nutrients that are required to replace and repair the structures and functions in area.

Our body can only accomplish this extreme repair when there is an adequate supply of all the necessary nutrients. We, meaning our scientific methods combined with the inherent intelligent nature of our body, know how to do this. This is not normally the case. Our bodies normally lack the tools to accomplish this. The average person does not know what to eat and which supplements to use. Many are skeptical, unwilling to believe it is possible, or too run down and depressed to try.

So why is this method working? Part of the reason is that it rests on a solid foundation of adequate broad spectrum baseline nutrition. Every necessary nutrient must be available.

I reviewed proteolytic enzymes while I was researching the best way to get rid of fibrin encapsulating cancerous tumors. There are a large body of pier reviewed studies I found by searching NIH.Gov which show that PEs break down fibrin in blood clots, scar tissue, thrombosis, tumors... etc.. As enzymes they also (digests) blood clots.

We found that Wobenzym N contains the main proteolytic enzymes that break down fibrin. It is marketed for healthy inflammation and joint support. PEs are not very effective when they are not consumed on an empty stomach with water and allowed to fully absorb before eating a meal.

Do not mega-dose. As far as safety is concerned, overdosing could cause an embolism or intestinal bleeding. PEs need to gradually digest fibrin so the body has time to assemble resources and repair the damage that triggered the fibrin to build a protective matrix for the blood clots, scar tissue, thrombosis, or tumors.

Do support healing with TF, nanofactors, a broad spectrum of antioxidants (Choice 50, Cardio Formula, Grape Seed Extract, RioVida), RiteStart multivitamins, BioEFA, and an anti-inflammatory diet. Papaya and pineapple have two of these PEs so be careful not to mega dose. I have reason to believe nano-factors educate the repair and restoration mechanisms. The Pro-TF is an excellent choice, especially since it burns organ fat deposits. If you really need to master extensive repair, add musculo-skeletal formula to nourish the bone marrow for more adult stem cell production. Adult stem cells are shown to slowly replace damaged cardiac tissues and brain cells in areas damaged by stroke.

This information is for educational purposes only. You should not try to treat yourself or stop medication without colaborating with qualified professionals.

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