Prosperity Factor Newspaper (Pack of 50)

Prosperity Factor Newspaper (Pack of 50)
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Product Review

Newspapers are the ultimate prospecting piece; Proven medium, affordable, credible, and easy to use. In this newspaper, Prosperity Factor your prospects will not only learn about the amazing health benefits that 4Life's products afford, but the financial impact that a 4Life business could have on them as well.

Here are a few headlines found in this paper: - Building People, Changing Lives with 4Life - Escape! with 4Life Incentives - The IgA Study and What it Means - Ways to Get Paid with 4Life - Power in the Products: Science, innovation, results propel 4Life products to forefront - Quesntion & Answer with 4Life CEO David Lisonbee - An Opportunity for Life: Far-reaching compensation, rewards programs - From the Mouths of Masters: Success stories from 4Life Platinum International Diamonds - Also includes various product testimonials

Why Use Newspapers to Prospect?

Proven For more than four centuries newsprint has brought to its worldwide readers some of histories most dramatic experiences. Newsprint, including your local community gazette, the USA Today, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, continues to carry a high level of trust as an information medium.

Affordable In today's economy, every penny counts. For the money, no print medium offers so much. The economies and trust of newsprint make it one of the most efficient recruiting tools available to the direct sales market! With the price so low, you can afford to circulate hundreds of newspapers in your local community; each one telling the amazing story of 4Life's products.

Credible Let the experts do the selling for you. Each newspaper includes articles, testimonials and research specifically edited to market and sell your products and opportunity. You no longer need to “fumble” through an uncomfortable prospecting conversation.

Ideas on How to Use Newspapers Grab a sheet of paper and map out within a 10-minute drive of your residence or place of work as many potential places of business where you could obtain permission to place a stack of 20 newspapers. Take an afternoon and visit each location and seek to secure permission from the respective management. We suggest that you fill each 10-min route with at least ten establishments or “drop offs” for your newspapers to “sift and sort” from.

Potential "Drop-Off" locations: - Hotel Lobbies - Book Stores - Restaurants - Pharmacies - Auto Repair Shops - Gas Stations - Tanning Salons - Truck Stops - Beauty Salons - Health Food Stores - Employee Break Rooms - Doctor's Office - Chiropractor's Office - Health Spas/Gyms - Laundry Mats Don't limit yourself to the list above. Each community and personal circumstance is different.

Success Stories from the Field

I just signed up 3 people because one of the newspapers I placed somehow found its way to a town more than 6 hours from where I live. I'm not sure how the newspaper got there, but it had my name and number on it. I got a call from a woman that I had never met before. -J.K.

We had a booth in a local home and garden show. We gave out free samples of our product and 600 newspapers. We had 118 people tell us they wanted to learn more! It was well worth our time. -T.B.

I order 1,000 newspapers each month. I hand deliver 500 of those papers to new prospects whether it be door-to-door, leaving them at the supermarket, or just handing one to someone I'm talking with. I then take the other 500 newspapers and start out each of my new distributors with 25 papers each so they can get started without an initial investment. I challenge them to hand deliver at least three papers each day to 3 people. After they start using the papers, they see the value and start buying them to build their own business. -C.H.


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