Ageless Way Principals of Nutrition Supplements

Ageless Way Principals of Dietary Supplements

Ageless Way Principals of Dietary Supplements Concerning the potential of dietary supplements, dietary supplements support structures and functions of life. If you support all of the structures and functions of life, you will improve your ability to fulfill a higher purpose for living.

Disease develops when we choose, at some level, conscious, or unconscious, to allow destructive forces to divert constructive life forces. Now think about it. What is constructive and what is destructive to life? Take the time to define constructive and destructive thinking and the energy and actions that follow thought. Once you do that, you will be well on your way to making districtive forces outdated in your life.

We go to the doctor when we feel bad. Doctors tell us that we are doing pretty good for a person at our age. Doctors give us drugs or do surgery that usually improve the quality of our life. But what about our ability to really live up to our potential? What happened to wellness?

We all grow old but disease is not a normal part of being old. We should not be sick when we grow older. Aging should be dis-ease free. Most every disease develops when support does not meet the demand. There are many examples of this, a stressful work place, pollution, poor quality food, centric people, inappropriate control of resources, oppression, fear, anger, and the list is long.

There is no reason that we cannot increase support to meet the demand. There is no limit on how good we can feel. These are limits that we and our culture create and impose upon us. We do not have to live within the limitations that people place upon us if we do it with love, good intentions, and use the proper channels. There are plenty of people that tell us that we can't do this or accomplish that. However, if we have virtious goals, we can find ways to help people overcome the limitations that are imposed upon us.

Modern dietary supplements are able to support structures and functions of the body that fight disease and create fitness and they usually do it without adverse reports. They help us meet the demand. We are not able to say this about drugs, or surgery, which is why dietary supplements are so good to use. They do not need regulation in the same way as medical treatment.

When we work with dietary supplements, we target our weakest links first. We are only as fit as our weakest link so it makes sense to support structures and functions that hold up our weakest spots first. What is your weakest link? Is it stress, pollution? Immunity, nutrition, exercise, rest, toxins, anger, relationships, spirituality, will, faith, love, joints, bone, endocrine, digestion, appetite, etc. Whatever it is, it is what you must work on changing because it limits the quality of your life.

To make changes, we must salvage what we can from our past. Tear up and discard what is no longer useful. Clear the slate. Then we must define what is good, prepare our soil, and plant the seeds for a new and better future. In the end, we can focus on nurturing our growth and the benefits of harvest.

Here are a few general things that you can do with dietary supplements.

Support Detoxification: Toxic substances bombard our bodies every day. This includes air pollution, water pollution, drugs, food preservatives, hydrogenated fats, artificial food additives, pesticides, hormones, and steroids. Toxic substances slow down cellular metabolism, create fatigue, impair acuity, disrupt the proper expression of genes, create free radicals, or contribute to cancers. Dietary supplements help the body dispose of toxic substances by binding them, using them, promoting transport, and flushing them out through natural processes.

Support your Immune System: Toxic substances, bacteria, viruses, fungus, or parasites cause most every disease except injury. This includes but is not limited to colds, flu, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Supporting our immune system helps us recognize a threat, respond to the threat in the right way, and be ready for the threat in the future. Antibiotics are not as effective as they once were because bacteria are able to mutate. Dietary supplements increase natural killer cell activity, free up energy, instruct the immune response, and direct the repair of damage.

Manage Weight: Most of the food that we eat is within a narrow range of food that we like to eat, high in calories but low in nutrients and manufacturers design it to make us want to eat more so we will buy more. This happens when it is cooked, stored, modified, processed, preserved, salted, sugared, or frozen. Dietary supplements enhance appetite control, blood sugar balance, digestive system function, metabolism, and thermogenesis. Many toxins are stored in fat tissues and managing some of the excess carbohydrates and fats can help us manage weight and in turn restore our health and energy levels.

Blood Sugar Balance and Energy Transport: Balancing blood sugar is all about transporting energy in the form of sugars to run the machinery of the body. When we have excess blood sugars and proteins, we both transport them to power and build the muscles, organs, and cells of the body or our liver converts them into fat, which is then stored in adipose tissue. Blood sugar balance is a major player in weight management. When blood sugar drops it is call hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. When too much sugar is circulating in the blood, it is too high and so called hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. Irregular blood sugar has a variety of causes including infection, drugs, excessive exercise, toxins, free radicals, and injuries. Frequently it involves dysfunction of beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Sometimes blood sugar gets too high when the muscles, organs, and brain are unable to take in sugar. When the condition is chronic and excessive or out of control, we call it diabetes "type A" or "type B", which is increasing in the US. Insulin or other drugs to people who are not able to control their blood sugar levels but we should be responsible and support as much of the natural blood sugar energy transport and regulation as we can. There are serious health and monetary costs to allowing blood sugar levels to wander out of control. They include blindness, susceptibility to disease, nerve damage, poor circulation, amputation, and a reduction in quality of life. The keys to balancing blood sugar lies in watching what we eat, holding off infection, supporting the structures and functions of our body, exercise, balancing Ph, and detoxification. Eating large meals can drive blood sugar levels up so complex natural sugars, nutrient dense foods, and avoiding simple refined sugars, and processed foods. Regular comfortably but not over intense exercise is helpful. Supplements are necessary in supporting the structure and function of the pancreas, supporting the immune system, helping sugars in to the muscles, organs, brain, and cells of our bodies, balancing Ph, detoxification, reducing free radicals, and slowing the absorption of sugars into the blood from the digestive system.

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