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How would you make your life more rewarding? Would you get rid of all of your debt? Would you spend time with the ones you love instead of trading it for a traditional paycheck? Would you try and help others make their lives more rewarding? Would you like to start today? You can with the 4Life Life Rewards Plan™.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra income or you want to own your own business and be financially independent, our Life Rewards Plan can help you achieve your goals. Get paid for sharing products you love, generate income 24/7 on your groups activity, build a business you can pass onto your family, and enrich the lives of others.

4Life is a company with a solid past, present, and future. After more than a decade of success, 4Life shows no sign of slowing down. While many companies are downsizing and laying off, 4Life is breaking sales records and opening new countries and offices all over the world.

With 4Life, you’ll benefit from an experienced executive team. You’ll have decades of experience on your side. Our leaders know the direct selling industry—they’ve put years into developing products that are effective. They are committed to your continued success.

The 4Life Rewards Plan rewards the beginning, part-time, and professional business builder—all handsomely. Our compensation plan is one-of-a-kind and offers up to a 64 percent payout.

“The Life Rewards Plan™ has it all! No matter what your objective, 4Life’s compensation plan can help you meet your goals.”—Kevin and Courtney Moore, 4Life International Diamonds

Whether you’re looking to build a business or support your health, 4Life offers successful products that will have you (or your customers) coming back for more. 4Life Transfer Factor ® products are consumable, patented, and have a proven track record. They’re completely unique and provide consumers with a healthier lifestyle through enhanced immunity.

Transfer Factors are a class of messenger molecules that provide valuable immune information to better help your immune system recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats. These memory molecules are derived from colostrums—nature’s first supplement—and are the first nutrient you receive when you are born. Nature knows best what your body needs, and these products provide an effective level of health support unlike anything else.

A recent clinical study showed that 4Life Transfer products boost the production of the antibody IgA by an average of 73%. Another study revealed a 437% increase in the activity of Natural Killer cells.

4Life Research was founded by David and Bianca Lisonbee in 1998. Within five years of operation, 4Life ranked as the 15th fastest-growing, privately-held company in the United States by Inc. 500 magazine. Since then, 4Life, led by an executive team with more than 60 years of combined experience in network marketing, has experienced exponential growth—with more than 14 offices around the world conducting business in more than 40 countries.

With a unique immune system product and a rewarding direct sales model, 4Life is strategically positioned to continue in its rapid growth. 4Life’s scientific board (composed of physicians, biochemists, immunity experts, nutritionists, and more) provides a background of more than two hundred combined years of research experience, numerous scientific trials, and successful product development.

Timing the right opportunity

One of the biggest industries is the wellness and nutrition industry. As baby boomers age, these industries are expected to explode.

Superior corporate support and exceptional management

4Life's executives posses decades of experience building ultra successful organizations. The burden of traditional administration is handled by the company. You won,t have to deal with the stress of employees, payroll, inventory, taxes, accounting, product research and development, customer service, shipping/receiving, and so forth. As an independent distributor you will enjoy a top grade product line and corporate support for your business without directly bearing the costs.

Low risk and almost no start-up costs

Businesses can cost thousands and even hundreds of thousands to get started. With us you can get started with a $29.95 distributor training kit and 100 Life Points(LP) of products to try personally - No need to buy inventory.

Leverage the time of others

Use teamwork to leverage your client base and time
You will make friends by exposing prospects to proven training tools and the latest product information.

Residual income for retirement

You will gradually build up your network of regular ordering friends and distributors. With regular work this can add up to thousands of dollars per month in residual income. Fewer and fewer companies are offering full time employment with adequate benefit packages. Many distributors have discovered that their income is adequate to cover all of their retirement needs. Professional selling can provide the boost in income that you have been looking for.

Generous compensation plan

Our "Life Rewards Plan" has been in place for 15 years and offers strong incentives while maintaining stability for residual income. So long as you qualify, you can earn residual income for years and years - even while you sleep, are on vacation, or have retired. As you build your organization, you will qualify for a number of other bonuses and rewards. You will never see such a thing an a "traditional" business, where as soon as you stop working, you stop making money.

Comforts of home and the road

With al the latest technologies, a 4Life business can be managed from almost anywhere. Work from your home, business, hotel, restaurants, convention centers, on the beach, or even vacation destinations.

Job freedom: Your the boss

• You choose when to work
• You choose how much to work
• You choose how to build for success

Unlimited potential

Your potential is only limited by your knowledge and the skills you develop. You will not do well if you think that you have to give a sales pitch. You succeed in this business by building trust and developing quality long term relationships with people. To show you how this is done efficiently, we have developed a training kit called the "Compass" to quickly help you get your first distributors enrolled. We coined the frase "Together Building People"

Tax benefits

A home based business can save big dollars through a variety of tax exemptions, including a portion of your mortgage or rent payment, home office supplies, automotive costs, utility and heating costs, phone/internet, cost, health insurance, and more.

Promote health:

Help people improve their health by sharing products with friends who in turn share them with their friends. Most people are very open to nutritional products. You're helping them overcome problems with income, relationships, and health.

The Compass

The Compass distributor training system gives you and your new recruits the necessary tools to chart your course to undeviating success. In addition to your Compass manual, you'll receive a copy of the new Exploring the Life Rewards Plan DVD, a 4Life product catalog, the Leader in You pocket guide, a success planner, and much more!

To get started, you will need to go to our Enrollment page and follow the instructions.

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