The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life
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If we don't know the purpose of our life, we live a life that is confused, full of crises, non-productive, and frustrating. It is never too later to ask and find out what is the real purpose of life.

The author takes a simple and logical approach to this dilemma and gives concrete directions on how and why to resolve it.

He shows how the purpose is found, how to organize your life so that you can meet your obligations, how to make sure you have the right purpose, and how to accomplish what you set out to do. This will lead you into real freedom.

The Purpose of Life - Table of Contents

The Purpose of Life

What is the Purpose?

Purpose, Persistence, and Difficulties

The Purpose and Greatness

How to Know the Purpose

The Purpose and the Law of Detachment

The Purpose and Consciousness

The Purpose in Human Endeavors

Psychic Energy and the Purpose

The Purpose and Co-Workers

The Effect of the Purpose on Our Life

The Vision and the Purpose

The Purpose and the Purpose

The Purpose and Organized Life

Does the Purpose Change?

The Purpose and Responsibility

The Purpose and Initiation

The Purpose and Cause


The Purpose and the Rays

Right Action

Five Components of Life

Cooperative Efforts

Meditation and the Purpose

The Purpose and Mission

Purposeful Living

The Miracle of Continuity


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