How To Reset Your Metabolism

How To Reset Your Metabolism
Resetting Metabolism is very complex. So let me take a moment to simplify with a keynote.

"To reset your metabolic set point to an optimal lean body mass percentage and for optimal healthy living, you will need to be physically active for 4 to 6 hours per day."

That is what must be accomplished. To accomplish the extra 4 to 6 hours of physical activity. Most of us, need nothing more than setting aside time to engage in routine physical activities like walking, cleaning the house, working in the garden, climbing stairs, sports, exercise, yoga, aerobics, weight machines, or running. These actions are designed to reset your genes.

You don't need to workout that long, just be physically active and you can spread it out through the day. Short bursts of physical activity are best when you start. Over time you will develop more endurance and a more youthful activity level.

You should also make sure you are eating proper nutrient dense foods. Poor eating habits undermine your attitude and your energy levels. Remove nutrient sparse foods from your diet. 3 to 5 smaller selective meals per day is far more effective than impulse eating due to lack of sleep or emotional stress. Great nutrition and optimal lifestyle can reduce your risk for disease by 78 percent.

Keep in mind that certain foods are deliberately designed to make to buy and eat more by using additive formulations that increase appetite, addiction, and cravings. Even with the best of diets, due to pollution, soil depletion, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sugar, salt, fat, monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives, unhealthy dietary deviations, stress, lack of sleep, and other competitive practices, you will need to compensate by using nutritional supplements. The right choice of supplements can further reduce you risk factors and move you into super-health.

Recient developments in nutritional science allow you to detoxify using a detoxification program to improve nutrient absorption and metabolic efficiency. Use a broad spectrum multi vitamin to support all major systems of the body such as brain, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune system balance, bones and joints, energy, healthy aging, vision, and bridge nutritional gaps. Use a protein supplement that is designed to reduce cortisol levels, promote lean muscle mass, curb appetite, and burn organ fat deposits. New advances in recovery formulas will allow you to recover fully each day so you have the energy to feel like you want to be physically active. The right supplements make it easier to reset your metabolism and give you that feeling of zest for living.

Determination is an important key to success. Make up your mind to "be determined to succeed." Do not try to use will power. Use social support by associating with people who are being a good influence on you. Be a good example for others. Be your self but be your best self. Study healthy practices and teach other people to help your self stay on top of your own knowledge and routine. Examine your beliefs and philosophy, such as having faith, not blaming it on your genes or circumstances, and believing that it will work. This is all scientifically based so don't allow yourself to make excuses, but be fair and respect yourself. Never condemn yourself, stay appropriately motivated. Get enough rest and personal meditation time. Stay focused on your higher life direction while working out the details. A workout plus physical activity is usually enough. Don't be afraid to seek help from sound scientific evidence based sources. Stick with it, take your time, work through any set backs or major life events. Once you reach your goal, don't slack off, just set up new challenges so you continue to expand and grow.

Life has meaning when you improve yourself. Severe cases, require institutionalization, medical approval and collaboration, behavioral psychology, nutritional expertise, physical therapy, integrative health coaching, consulting, education, and nutritional supplementation.

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