Responsibilities of Fathers

Responsibilities of Fathers
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Fathers have a crucial role to play in the life of their children. Our society does not provide training courses for fathers so men continue with the legacy of their own fathers and mothers, sometimes following in the same footsteps and sometimes improving on their experiences.

Now we have a very important booklet to teach and guide fathers in their role as husbands, educators, and protectors of the family. When the father is absent from the life of his children, there is a "great vacuum in the souls of these children."

This booklet will teach you the three fundamental responsibilities of fatherhood and the 19 ways you can build a lasting and maturing bond with your children.

Included are activities that enhance father-child relations and the fundamental attitudes that a father must have. This will help you form the legacy that you will pass onto your sons and daughters. How your children relate with their friends and their children will be largely determined by the actions of the mothers and fathers.

Pages: 31

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