Pain Free Muscle and Joint Mobility Support - Helps Restore Joints

Pain Free Muscle and Joint Mobility Support - Helps Restore Joints
These formulas support structures and functions for natural bone, joint, muscle, and tendon repair.

My back aches. My joints hurt. This tendon has been bothering me since I ran that marathon. My doctor says I have arthritis. My joints are bone on bone. My doctor wants to do surgery but nothing is ever normal again after surgery.

Does this sound familiar? It should because it is typical as lack of exercise, toxins, lack of rest, poor nutrition, excess weight, and over stressing muscles and joints add up over time.

Muscle, joint, and bone supplements supply nutrients that are used by the body for pain free mobility. We have noticed that many people prematurely undergo painful medical treatment that can relieve pain but frequently speeds up the degeneration before they try supplementation. This is usually because they can not stand the pain, they want a quick fix, or they have been told that supplements don't work.

Well that is not entirely true. There are times when surgery and drugs are necessary but only as a last resort. Good supplements are very effective at supporting structures and functions of the body. Many doctors have not studied the resent advanced formulas that are currently available. As such they recommend treatments before supporting structures and functions with supplementation. You will be surprised by how well designed your natural repair system is when you give it what it needs.

You came to this page because you want to build yourself up. We urge you to take time out from some of your other goals to do what you know you need to do. We have the tools that help you reach your full potential. Give yourself the rest, nutrition, exercise, and time you need to rejuvenate. You are worth more to yourself and others when you are fully healthy, functional, and have a zest for living.

Flex4Life muscle and joint relief cream
• Supports joint health and mobility...

• Provides quick and localized topical support for sore muscles and joints...

• Supports improved range of motion...

Regular price: $21.95
Sale price: $16.95, 12/$186.45
MusculoSkeletal Formula
• Contains key ingredients that support muscle repair...
• Includes ingredients for soft tissue support of overworked muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves...
• Contains saw palmetto and alfalfa to support range of motion...
• Purifies the blood and nourishes the marrow...
Regular price: $21.95
Sale price: $16.95, 12/$186.45
4Life Fibro AMJ® - Day
• Contains powerful metabolites—magnesium and malic acid—essential to energy production

• Includes glucosamine and Methylsulfonylmethane(MSM)for joint support

Regular price: $27.95
Sale price: $22.95, 12/$252.45
4Life SleepRite AMJ™
• Promotes restful and rejuvenating sleep

• Combines melatonin, a proven alternative to naturally aid sleep, with 5-Hydroxytryptophan, vitamin B6, and a proprietary blend of herbs

• Supports healthy sleep patterns to help your body function at its best

• Supplies important nutrients that support healthy muscles, bones, and joints

Regular price: $27.95
Sale price: $22.95, 12/$252.45
AMJ System - 1 Day & 1 Night Formulas
• Promotes healthy tissue and joints

• Supports increased energy production

• Improves sleep quality

Regular price: $45.90
Sale price: $40.95, 12/$211.60
StemTech StemEnhance - New in Stem Cell Research
Stem Cells constitute a major part of our natural cell renewal system. StemEnhance™ by StemTech™ uses an extract from Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (fresh water botanical) to support the natural release of stem cells from our bone-marrow thus increasing the number of stem cells circulating in our bodies. It does not use embryonic stem cells. Our natural cell renewal system intelligently knows how, where, and when to use these adult stem cells to replace cells anywhere they are needed including the heart and brain. This stem cell technology is now available to achieve the incredible benefits of improved cell replacement

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