Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid

Asorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is primarily known as a water soluble antioxidant which cleanses the body and speeds healing. We need several food-complex forms of Vitamin C for proper absorption. Supplementation with multiple forms of Vitamin C promotes some of the biggest changes from minimum health toward optimal health. Vitamin C helps to reduce the adverse effects of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, pollution, smoking cigarettes, and steroids.

Vitamin C reserves drop rapidly when we are under stress. To maintain healthy reserves, we require supplementation with approximately 4,000 to 5000 mg of Vitamin C daily to compensate for loses from processing and cooking food, intestinal absorption issues over time, stress, and toxic load. Too much Vitamin C leads to diuretic effects such as diarrhea. The RDA states 60 mg of Vitamin C is necessary to reduce the risk of scurvy. Scurvy causes severe tension in the brain. Building reserves of Vitamin C is necessary to reduce that tension in the brain.

Vitamin C reduce the severity of colds, reduce intraoccular pressure for the health of the eyes, promotes oral health by reducing periodontal inflammation, and concentrates vasodialiating prostoglandins for healthy breathing. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C helps to protect DNA from free radicals. The adrenals concentrate Vitamin C as part of adrenaline which is essential for a healthy reaction to stress. Vitamin C helps in reducing serum cholesterol and trigliceride levels by helping in the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids which are more easily be excreted by the body. Vitamin C is involved in the metabolism of folic acid, certain amino acids like tyrosine, and helps with the absorption of iron when chelated with iron. Vitamin C is essential in healing bone, blood capilaries, cartilage, and strengthening collagen connective tissue.

In summary, Vitamin C nutritional supplementation helps:

• Immune support
• Nervous system support
• Collagen formation (healthy skin)
• Fat metabolism
• Hormone synthesis
• Iron absorption

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