Why 4Life?

4Life: An Opportunty Like No Other

Tired of working for someone else? Want to control your own economic destiny. If so, 4Life offers a great Home-based business opportunity. As a 4Life Distributor you'll share immune support products, and a fantastic financial opportunity with others. Earn up to four payouts per month, qualify for luxery trips to exotic locations, and enjoy top level business support at regional meetings and international conventions.

4Life's compensation plan called the Life Rewards Plan is designed to reward you for your hard work. As you sell more products, increase your sales volume, and enroll others into your organization, you have the opportunity to qualify for bigger incentives.

In the end you can enjoy the freedon to choose how to spend your time and pursue your financial dreams as a 4Life distributor.

14 Reasons A 4Life Business Makes Sense For You

1. Perfict Timing

The wellness and nutrition industries have never been bigger. And as the baby-boomer segement continues to age, these industries are expected to explode over the next several years. Because 4Life is the leader in immune support and wellness products, there has never been a better time to partner with us.

2. Superior Corporate Support

4Life's corporate component carries the burden of traditional of tradition corporate departments such as accounting, product research and development, customer service, and shipping/receiving. As an independent distributor, you will enjoy a top grade product line and corporate support for your business with out directly bearing any of those costs.

3. Low Risk Start Up Costs

While starting a typical business typically costs tens-or even hundreds-of thousands of dollars, has a minimal 100 Life Point cost each month.

4. Time Leveraging Of Others

The efforts of your organization (Your Team) provide significant benefits for you. Those benefits increase as you train and help your team successfully build their own organizations.

5. Generous Compensation Plan/Residual Income

With 4Life's Reward Plan, so long as you qualify you can earn residual income for years and years-even while you sleep, are on vacation or have retired. And as you build your organization, you'll qualify for a number of other bonuses and rewards. You'll never see such a thing in a traditional business, where as soon as you stop working, you stop making money. Distributors get an additional 25 percent product discount after qualification.

6. Comforts Of Home=And The Road

With all the latest technologies, a 4Life business can be managed from almost anywhere-a home, hotels, restaurants, convention centers-and even on the beach or other vacation destinations.

7. You're The Boss

With a 4Life business you decide how much to work, when to work, and how to best build for success.

8. Time Freedom Flexibility

This is one of the greatest things about a 4Life business. You don't have to work the hours that someone else mandates. You can work in the evenings, the mornings, the middle of the night-it's up to you.

9. No Hassles Of Traditional Business

With a traditional business, you'll suffer through the stress of employees, payroll, taxes, inventory, shipping, and so forth. With a 4Life business you don't have to worry about any of that.

10. Exceptional Management

4Life's acclaimed executive possesses decades of experience in building ultra-successful organizations.

11. Feasible Retirement Plan

Many 4Life Distributors have discovered that their business will take care of all of their retirement needs-what a blessing in today's tumultuous economic climate!

12. Great Way To Support A Traditional Job

A 4Life Business allows you the flexibility of building your organization while still working your regular job. And who knows-you easily could become successful enough to replace you day job!

13. Tax Benefits

As a Home Based Business, you'll potentially save big dollars through a variety of tax deductions, including a portion of your mortgage or rent payment, home office supplies, auto costs, utility and heating costs, phone/internet costs, health insurance and more.

The Next Step

Once you have decided to take advantage of the 4Life opportunity, the next step is to enroll as a customer or distributor. Once you have enrolled, you will gain access to more educational tools and the support that we have promised. You will be invited to our meetings, training, and conventions to learn more about being professional and sharing the business opportunity and health benefits with others.

The enrollment is easy, CLICK HERE to learn more.


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