The Year 2000 and After

The Year 2000 and After
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It has been said by a Sage that in May of the Year 2000 a fiery stream of energy will be released toward humanity from the highest Center on the planet.

The author reveals what this will mean to all of us. He states that we can do ONE of the three things. First, totally disregard this energy and continue our pollution, hatred, greed, and destructive behavior. Second, increase our own individual or national will to such a degree that we cause great destruction on Earth through wars. Third, respond to the energies by using them to build a better life and using our creative energies to resolve all the problems facing us.

Most importantly, the author shows how we can go about preparing and improving ourselves right now in order to meet the demands of the coming decades.

The Year 2000 & After - Table of Contents

Toward the Year 2000

Q and A

Discipleship in the Year 2000

Q and A

The Angel and Right Human Relations

Q and A

Contact With the Higher Self


Q and A

Toward Perfection

Q and A


The Law of Existence

Great Test and Great Opportunities



Q and A

What is Success?

New Diplomacy


The Keynote of the New Age


Bibliographic References


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