The Wellness Spiral

4Life Transfer Factor® Wellness Spiral

When your immune system is strong, your entire body benefits.

Ultimate Wellness

You’re unstoppable! The more energy you have, the faster your body responds to any new problem it encounters, making your immune system on top of its game.

You’re Feeling Good

Your need for repair is minimal, leaving you with energy to spare. Your body uses this energy to be active and repair cells.

You’re Making Do

With just enough energy, your cells have the strength to fight off future invaders, helping avoid problems before they even occur.

You’re Losing The Battle

Although you might not be flat in bed, there’s no energy left over to keep other health problems in check… you seem to get better, only to get sick again.

You’re Stuck In Bed

Feeling energetic is just a distant memory. Your body’s using every bit of available energy to fight off infected cells, viruses and bacteria. Everything else is put on hold.


Learn How A Healthy Immune System Keeps You Healthy
You are about to learn the secrets of building optimal immune system performance...

What this will do for your health and longevity is extraordinary...

These doctors tell the story...

Learn how nutritional science can change your life

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